IMG_0615 We were privileged to be a part of a mission team on a trip to Higuey, DR in late March for five days (March 19th – 23rd, 2018). Our objective was to assess the need to build a church for a local pastor. In five days, we had 3 church services back to back at interesting venues – in front of the local tin church on a platform on the dusty road, at a four-way stop sign on a busy street where the platform took the entire sidewalk and lastly, at a church edifice. God healed the sick and had the blind seeing. Many individuals began a personal walk with Christ.

What did we learn as a Foundation? People are hungry for Christ and though they don’t have the means, they are praising and worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. We learned that there is a need to build suitable infrastructures for Christ in communities around the world. When working with an overseas entity, always do work in phases.  Lastly, let the Holy Spirit lead your team in all aspects – remain prayerful.

The mission team consisted of members from Frontline World Ministries, Cornerstone Family Church and Ministerio Cristiano Exodo 13:21. The team was led by Pastor Jonathan Morgan of Cornerstone Family Church, Dwayne Patterson – also of Cornerstone and Pastor Ortiz of Ministerio Cristiano Exodo 13:21.